Are you looking for a creative and engaging music assignment that will captivate your students’? Introducing the Composer Wanted Poster Project, a free digital download. Let your students unleash their artistic skills while exploring the lives and contributions of renowned composers.


Product Features:

  1. Wanted Poster Design: Students will have the opportunity to draw a captivating and eye-catching portrait of their chosen composer. The posters will resemble old-fashioned “Wanted” posters, giving the project an exciting twist.
  2. Reasons for “Wanted” Status: Each student will come up with a unique reason why their composer is “wanted.” It could be related to their groundbreaking compositions, revolutionary techniques, or something completely random like “Ate too many marshmallows.”
  3. Composer Information: Students will also include essential information about their chosen composer, such as their country of origin, birthday, etc. This will encourage students to research and deepen their understanding of the composers’ lives and work. Students may need Google for this.


Flexible Application:

The Composer Wanted Poster Project is a versatile assignment that can be adapted to various classroom scenarios:

  1. Homework: Give the project as an exciting homework assignment, allowing students to explore their chosen composer at their own pace. They can research, draw, and compile information independently, honing their research and artistic skills.
  2. Independent Work: For in-class independent work, students can use their class time to complete the project. This option is particularly useful during substitute teacher days or when individual students finish other assignments early.
  3. Group Work: Encourage collaboration by assigning the project as a group activity. Students can work together, researching different composers and sharing their findings. They can then collaboratively design a collection of wanted posters, creating an impressive display for the classroom.


Benefits of the Composer Wanted Poster Project:

  1. Engaging and Creative: This project taps into students’ artistic talents and imagination, making learning about composers an enjoyable experience.
  2. Research Skills: Students will enhance their research abilities as they delve into the lives and works of various composers. This cultivates critical thinking and information-gathering skills.
  3. Presentation Skills: The project encourages students to present their findings to the class, promoting public speaking skills and boosting confidence.
  4. Educational and Entertaining: The Composer Wanted Poster Project seamlessly combines education and entertainment, ensuring that students remain engaged throughout the assignment.


Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to infuse your music class with excitement and creativity! Download the Composer Wanted Poster Project now, and unlock a world of musical exploration and intrigue.


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