Based on the popular mad minute math exercises, these worksheets allow your beginner band students to test their reading knowledge of the first 3 notes, and fill in the fingerings! Level 0 has 10 versions with concert pitches Bb, C, and D, and 10 versions with concert pitches D, C, and D! Better yet, the two different concert pitches can be played together in your band to make 3rds!

Contained in this bundle, 280 total worksheets, 20 (level 0) worksheets each for…




Alto/Bari Sax

Tenor Sax


Trumpet (Baritone TC)

French Horn




Mallets High (Piano)

Mallets Low (Piano)

Bass Guitar



Skills developed-

1. Note Identification

2. Fingering Identification

3. Playing proficiency

Each version of the Mad Music series concert pitches line up with the other instruments in the series (#4 flute = #4 Clarinet = #4 Mallets etc.), so the students in your beginning band can also work on playing the examples together as a way to check their work. All of the concert pitches line up, allowing your students to play each example as a group!

These beginner worksheets also contain easy to understand fingering charts for filling in! No confusing charts here!

Some ways to use these worksheets-

1. Give them as homework assignments

2. Give them as in-class timed challenges (like mad minute math worksheets)

3. Have them work in sections to fill them out

4. Play through each note together and then have the students fill them out afterwards

5. Play/Discuss them together as a band

6. Write scale degrees instead of notes to help students understand how they work

7. Give them as weekly competitions (10 weeks worth!), first to finish gets a prize!

8. Use as a long tone warm up, just add a measure of rest between the examples!

Let me know if you have questions. This is the entire level 0 series, each instrument’s concert pitches will all line up with the rest of the instruments, and version 1 and version 2 can be played together to make chords!

These worksheets are great for beginners especially during their first few weeks on the instrument, or basically any students who needs to brush up on their notes and fingerings!

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