• LISTENING GLYPH – Listen and identify basic elements using colour keys.
  • DRAW THE MUSIC – Listen to a piece of traditional Chinese music, and interpret using lines,colours and shapes.
  • RHYTHM POCKETS – Identify  and sort simple stick notation represented by words and pictures
  • PICTURE RHYTHM CARDS – Learn to read simple rhythmic phrases with picture symbols words and stick notation.
  • PITCH PICS – Introduce the element of pitch with these visual representations  using HIGH and LOW picture scores, leading onto HIGH MIDDLE LOW. Students can respond to each score by showing HIGH MIDDLE LOW with hands/body/voice. They can also learn to identify a score by listening to the score being played on tuned percussion.
  • PITCH LINES – Further devlop the concept of pitch by composing,following and playing a more developed picture pic score using tuned percussion.
  • COMPOSING WITH COLOUR – Create an untuned percussion piece using colours to represent chosen sounds.
  • COMPOSING WITH POETRY – Compose a tuned percussion version of a short poem, using the rhythms of thelines and  the pentatonic scale – a traditional scale used in Chinese music.
  • PLAYALONG SONG – Learn a traditional Chinese song and perform a rhythmic accompaniment, following a graphic score.
  • MUSICAL MATHS – 3 fun problem-solving sheets using word rhythms/beats  to solve picture sums
  • CHINESE INSTRUMENT POSTER – a colourful poster showing a selection of traditional Chinese instruments, which can be enlarged for display.

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