Ignite the magic of Christmas and the spark of creativity within your students as they compose a festive tune with our specially designed songwriting sheet, titled “It Was The Night Before Christmas.” This interactive and joyful activity is perfect for celebrating the end of term and getting into the holiday spirit.

Our songwriting sheet offers a unique opportunity for students of all ages to explore the art of music composition and lyric writing. Using the iconic starting phrase, “It was the night before Christmas when…”, students are encouraged to delve into their imaginations and craft their own Christmas classic. The prompt is designed to stir the holiday feelings and memories that can inspire a heartwarming or playful Christmas song.

Here’s how to make the most of this activity:

Step 1: Distribute the songwriting sheets to your class and discuss the theme. Reflect on classic Christmas songs and what makes them so enduring and special. Encourage your students to think about their own Christmas experiences, traditions, and stories they’ve heard.

Step 2: Brainstorm as a class. Talk about rhyme schemes, rhythm, and structure. How do verses transition into the chorus? How can a bridge add depth to a song? Engage the students in a discussion about these elements to provide a solid foundation for their writing.

Step 3: Begin with the prompt. Instruct students to complete the sentence “It was the night before Christmas when…” and let their ideas flow. Whether they continue with a tale of Santa’s journey, a story of family gathering, or a song about the winter wonders, the sky’s the limit.

Step 4: Craft the song. Students will work individually or in groups to create their lyrics. They can write verses and a chorus, and if time permits, they may even come up with a basic melody. Encourage them to consider the mood of their song—is it joyful, reflective, whimsical, or something else?

Step 5: Share and celebrate. Once the songs are written, have a sharing session where students can perform their songs or recite their lyrics. It’s a wonderful way to build confidence and showcase their hard work.

Step 6: Optional musical accompaniment. If resources allow, bring in some musical instruments or use a keyboard or music software to add melodies to the lyrics. This can transform their compositions into a full-fledged Christmas carol.

This activity is not just about writing a song; it’s a fun, educational experience that encourages students to engage with the rhythm and rhyme of language, explore the cultural significance of holiday music, and express their personal connections to the season. It’s an opportunity for a festive classroom collaboration that students are sure to remember for many Christmases to come.

So get your class in the holiday mood, and let’s write a Christmas classic that might just be sung for years to come!

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