Introducing our latest downloadable primary music resource, designed to make learning and understanding musical notes a breeze.

Sheet 1: Every Good Boy Deserves Football This sheet focuses on the notes located on the lines of the staff. By using the popular acronym “Every Good Boy Deserves Football,” we make it easier for students to memorize the notes. Each line corresponds to a specific note: E, G, B, D, and F. With clear and concise visuals, students will quickly grasp the fundamentals of reading notes on the staff, setting a solid foundation for their musical journey.

Sheet 2: FACE in the Space Building upon the knowledge gained from the first sheet, the second sheet delves into the notes located between the lines of the staff. The acronym “FACE” is a handy tool to help students remember these notes. Each space represents a specific note: F, A, C, and E. By focusing on the spaces, learners gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire staff, expanding their ability to read and play music.

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