Introducing the interactive and engaging “This or That: Man Made or Natural Sound?” PowerPoint presentation, a music game specially designed for pre-K through first-grade students. This educational resource is a fun-filled activity that helps young learners distinguish between man-made and natural sounds, all while developing their musical understanding.


Game Concept:

  1. Teacher Projects Slides: The teacher projects visually stimulating slides on the screen, each featuring a picture of an object.
  2. Sound Classification: Students are challenged to identify whether the sound produced by the object is man-made or natural.
  3. Interactive Participation: Based on their choice, students stand on either side of the room – one side for man-made sounds, the other for natural sounds.
  4. Guided Gameplay: The teacher provides directions, indicating where students should stand for each sound.


Key Features:

  1. Extensive Slide Collection: The game includes a comprehensive collection of 36 unique slides, showcasing various objects. Students determine if those sounds are man made or natural.
  2. Educational Value: Through active participation, students develop discrimination skills and gain an understanding of the differences between man-made and natural sounds.
  3. Flexible Use: This game can be seamlessly incorporated into music classes or used as an engaging activity during substitute teacher periods, ensuring valuable learning even in the absence of the regular teacher.


How the Game Hits Multiple Music Standards:

  1. Auditory Discrimination: By distinguishing between man-made and natural sounds, students refine their ability to perceive and classify different auditory stimuli, a crucial skill in music.
  2. Sound Exploration: The game encourages students to explore a wide range of sounds produced by various objects, fostering their curiosity and creativity in discovering the sonic world.
  3. Music and Movement: Through physical engagement and movement, students connect sound classification with spatial awareness, enhancing their overall musical experience.


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