Perfect for any pianist studying for their ABRSM Grade 2 exam, this digital music guide provides musicians with a detailed and easy-to-read plan on how to play the scales & arpeggios. Included are every scale (majors, minors, chromatic & contrary motion) and every arpeggio (major & minor), showing which notes are included and the finger pattern for right and left hand, following along with the notes.
RH = Right Hand
LH = Left Hand

Please note that the minor scales follow the harmonic version!

This guide is designed for the ABRSM Piano 2023/24 syllabus. I am not affiliated with the ABRSM exam board and this product is just a handmade & personal guide to help ease students into their piano practice.

For personal use only, NOT for commercial use.

If you enjoy this design or have any suggestions on what you may like to see next, please send me a message and I will be happy to hear from you! 🙂

Happy learning ! 🙂

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