Music Dominoes Rhythm Math Game Manipulatives for Elementary Centers

Students can practice their rhythm equivalents, or music math with these rhythm dominoes! These music manipulatives are perfect for centers in the music classroom, collaborative team work, or a one-on-one activity in a piano lesson. Use these colourful and engaging printable cards as a review or assessment for your students.



How to play Music Rhythm Dominoes:

  • Have students race to see who can build the longest path!
  • For teamwork, each student gets a large domino and take turns placing their card to match with others. Use the floor for this.


How to prep the Music Rhythm Dominoes :

  • Print on card stock paper
  • Cut out all dominoes (I get the kids to cut their own, to save on prep time)
  • Laminate the large size, for longevity
  • Put cards in a box for your music centers!

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