Encouraging Students to Pursue A Level Music In Secondary Schools

A Level music in secondary schools provides a unique opportunity for students to deepen their musical knowledge, refine their skills, and embark on a rewarding and fulfilling musical journey. However, encouraging students to take on A Level music requires a supportive environment that nurtures their passion, showcases the value of musical education, and emphasizes the enriching experiences that lie ahead. In this blog post, we will explore effective strategies to inspire and motivate students to pursue A Level music, highlighting its significance in their academic, personal, and musical growth.

Emphasise the Value of A Level Music in Secondary Schools:

To encourage students to take on A Level music, it is essential to emphasize the value and importance of pursuing musical education at an advanced level. Showcase how A Level music can complement their other academic subjects, providing a well-rounded and balanced education. Illustrate how music can foster discipline, critical thinking, creativity, and emotional expression, skills that are valuable not only in music but also in various aspects of life.

Provide Opportunities for Musical Exploration:

Offer opportunities for students to explore various aspects of music and expand their musical horizons. Arrange field trips to live performances, concerts, and music workshops. Encourage them to experiment with different musical genres, styles, and instruments. By providing a diverse and immersive musical experience, students can discover their unique musical interests and find their passion within the realm of A Level music.

Create a Supportive and Nurturing Music Community:

Building a supportive and nurturing music community is crucial in motivating students to pursue A Level music. Establish an environment where students can collaborate, share their musical ideas, and receive constructive feedback from their peers and teachers. Encourage ensemble rehearsals, musical performances, and collaborative projects, fostering a sense of camaraderie and a shared passion for music.

Showcase Success Stories and Career Opportunities:

To inspire students, showcase success stories of individuals who have excelled in A Level music or have pursued successful careers in the music industry. Invite guest speakers, such as professional musicians, music educators, or music scholars, to share their experiences and insights. Highlight the diverse career paths available in music, including performance, composition, teaching, music production, and musicology. By showcasing the potential and achievements of A Level music, students can envision the myriad possibilities awaiting them.


In conclusion, encouraging students to take on A Level music in secondary schools necessitates creating a supportive and inspiring environment that showcases the value, opportunities, and profound impact of musical education. By emphasizing the importance of A Level music in their academic and personal growth, providing opportunities for musical exploration, fostering a nurturing music community, and highlighting success stories and future career prospects, students can be motivated to pursue their passion for music at an advanced level. Through A Level music, students not only deepen their musical knowledge and skills but also cultivate a lifelong appreciation for music’s beauty, diversity, and transformative power.

So, the next time someone asks you, “How can you encourage students to take on A Level music?” you can confidently explain the significance of creating an inspiring and supportive environment that highlights the value and opportunities that A Level music in secondary schools can offer. Embrace the power of musical education and unlock the full potential of students’ musical talents, nurturing their creativity and guiding them towards a future filled with musical excellence and fulfillment.

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