Celebrating World’s Music Day: Engaging Activities for Schools

World’s Music Day, also known as Fête de la Musique, is celebrated globally on June 21st every year, marking the beginning of summer. It’s a day dedicated to the joy of music and its ability to bring people together. Schools can play a pivotal role in commemorating this day by organizing activities that not only entertain but also educate students about the diversity and richness of music across cultures. This blog post outlines a variety of engaging activities schools can undertake to celebrate World’s Music Day, encouraging participation, creativity, and a deeper appreciation for music.

Here Are Some Great Activities For World’s Music Day

1. Organize a School-Wide Music Festival

A music festival within the school premises can be a highlight of World’s Music Day celebrations. Invite students, teachers, and even parents to perform, showcasing a wide range of music styles and genres. This could include classical performances, rock bands, solo instrumental pieces, and choir performances. Creating a platform for such diverse musical expressions can inspire students and foster a sense of community.

2. Host Workshops on Different Musical Instruments

Arrange workshops led by guest musicians or talented members of the school community who can introduce students to various musical instruments, both familiar and exotic. These workshops can be interactive sessions where students get hands-on experience with instruments they might not have encountered before, such as the sitar, djembe, or theremin, broadening their musical horizons.

3. Conduct a “Music Around the World” Day

Dedicate World’s Music Day to exploring music from different countries and cultures. Each class or grade can be assigned a country, and students can research and present the musical traditions of their designated culture. This could include performances, presentations, and even dressing up in traditional attire, making it an immersive educational experience.

4. Collaborate on a School Song

Engage the entire school in composing a unique school song. This activity can start with brainstorming sessions led by music teachers, followed by students contributing lyrics, melodies, and instrumental parts. The process of creating a school song can teach students about songwriting, composition, and teamwork, culminating in a memorable anthem that celebrates the school’s spirit and diversity.

5. “Open Mic” Lunchtimes

Host open mic sessions during lunchtimes leading up to World’s Music Day, giving students a platform to perform informally in front of their peers. This can be an excellent opportunity for budding musicians to showcase their talents, overcome stage fright, and enjoy the supportive atmosphere of their friends and teachers.

6. Music Appreciation Sessions

Organize listening sessions where students can experience and discuss various music pieces, from Beethoven’s symphonies to contemporary pop hits. Guided listening can help students develop critical listening skills, understand musical elements, and appreciate the creativity and expression behind different music styles.

7. International Music Quiz

Host an interactive quiz that tests students’ knowledge of world music, famous musicians, musical instruments, and significant music events. This fun and educational activity can be a great way to conclude the World’s Music Day celebrations, reinforcing what students have learned about music’s global diversity.


World’s Music Day is an excellent occasion for schools to celebrate the universal language of music. By organizing these activities, schools can provide students with a rich, engaging, and educational experience that highlights the importance of music in culture, history, and personal expression. Celebrating World’s Music Day not only enhances students’ appreciation for music but also fosters a more inclusive and harmonious school community, united by the love of music.

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