Teaching Last Christmas Music Notes in School Music Lessons

Teaching Last Christmas music notes in school music lessons can be a delightful and educational experience for students, offering them the opportunity to learn a popular song while enhancing their musical skills.”Last Christmas” is a timeless holiday classic that captures the essence of the festive season with its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics. This blog post aims to guide educators through the process of teaching “Last Christmas” music notes, ensuring that students can perform this beloved song with confidence and joy.

Introducing The Last Christmas Music Notes

Begin by introducing the song “Last Christmas” to your students, discussing its background, the artists (Wham!), and its significance in popular culture. Playing the original recording can spark excitement and familiarize students with the melody and rhythm of the song, setting the stage for a deeper exploration of its music notes.

Breaking Down the Last Christmas Music Notes

  1. Melody: Start by teaching the melody of “Last Christmas.” Break down the melody into manageable sections, focusing on one phrase at a time. Use a piano or keyboard to demonstrate each phrase, and then have students practice it. Visual aids, such as sheet music or notation on a whiteboard, can help students visualize the notes and their sequence.
  2. Harmony: Once students are comfortable with the melody, introduce the harmonic elements of “Last Christmas.” Discuss the chord progression used throughout the song and demonstrate how the chords complement the melody. For students playing harmonic instruments (like guitars or keyboards), provide chord charts or diagrams.
  3. Rhythm: Focus on the rhythmic pattern of “Last Christmas,” highlighting the song’s tempo and beat. Clapping or tapping out the rhythm can help students internalize the timing and feel of the song, making it easier for them to synchronize the melody and harmony.
  4. Lyrics and Phrasing: Integrating the lyrics with the music notes is crucial for vocalists and instrumentalists alike. Discuss the song’s phrasing and how the lyrics fit with the melody. Practice singing or playing the melody while paying attention to the lyrical phrasing, ensuring that students understand how to express the song’s emotional depth.

Engaging Activities for Learning The Last Christmas Music Notes

  • Group Performances: Divide the class into small groups, assigning different roles (such as melody, harmony, rhythm, and vocals) to each student. Group performances encourage collaboration and allow students to experience the song from different musical perspectives.
  • Music Video Project: Encourage students to create their own music video for “Last Christmas.” This creative project can involve planning, performing, and recording their version of the song, fostering teamwork and creativity.
  • Sing-Along Session: Organize a sing-along session for “Last Christmas,” inviting students to sing or play their instruments together. This fun activity can boost students’ confidence and highlight the joy of making music as a community.


Teaching Last Christmas music notes in school music lessons offers a festive and engaging way to develop students’ musical abilities. By breaking down the song into its fundamental components and incorporating a variety of activities, educators can provide a comprehensive learning experience that enhances students’ performance skills, musical understanding, and appreciation for holiday music. As students master the Last Christmas music notes, they not only add a beloved classic to their repertoire but also experience the satisfaction and joy of making music together.

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