Dynamic and Engaging Substitute Lessons for an Elementary Music Class

Substitute lessons for an elementary music class provide a unique opportunity for creative and interactive learning experiences. Whether the regular music teacher is unavailable or you’re stepping in as a substitute, having a repertoire of easy and engaging activities is essential to keep young minds enthusiastic about music. In this blog post, we will explore some exciting and effective substitute lessons that will make the music class enjoyable and educational.

Easy Substitute lessons for an Elementary Music Class

  1. Musical Charades:

Musical charades is a delightful and interactive substitute lesson for an elementary music class. Divide the students into small groups and provide them with a list of song titles or musical concepts written on slips of paper. One student from each group will randomly select a slip and act out the title or concept without speaking while their teammates guess. This activity reinforces music vocabulary, encourages teamwork, and adds an element of fun to the class.

  1. Instrument Exploration:

Introduce students to a variety of musical instruments during this substitute lesson. Bring in instruments like a keyboard, recorder, tambourine, and xylophone, or even use virtual instrument apps if actual instruments are not available. Allow students to take turns trying out the different instruments and producing sounds. Explain the basics of each instrument and how they contribute to creating music.

  1. Create a Musical Story:

Engage the students’ imagination with a collaborative musical storytelling substitute lesson. Start by choosing a theme or scenario, such as “A Day at the Zoo” or “An Adventure in Space.” Each student contributes a short musical phrase or sound effect representing a different element of the story, such as animals, actions, or characters. Combine these musical elements to create a unique and dynamic musical story.

  1. Musical Freeze Dance:

An entertaining and energetic substitute lesson for an elementary music class is musical freeze dance. Play a variety of music styles, and encourage the students to dance freely around the room. When the music stops, they must freeze in place. Add an educational twist by instructing the students to mimic the tempo or dynamics of the music when they freeze. This activity promotes active listening and musical expression.


Substitute lessons for an elementary music class provide an excellent opportunity to foster creativity and passion for music among young learners. Activities like musical charades, instrument exploration, creating musical stories, and musical freeze dance make the music class enjoyable and educational. These substitute lessons not only entertain students but also nurture their musical curiosity and skills.

So, the next time you find yourself stepping into an elementary music class as a substitute, remember to incorporate these dynamic and engaging activities – they are sure to captivate the students’ imagination and leave a lasting impression. Embrace the joy of musical discovery and exploration with your students, and watch as their love for music blossoms through these exciting and interactive substitute lessons. Substitute Lessons for an Elementary Music Class are more than just filling in for the regular teacher; they are an opportunity to ignite young minds with the magic of music.

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