Which Music Scheme Of Work Should I Choose?

Music education is an essential part of a well-rounded curriculum, engaging students in a creative process that can enhance their academic and personal development. Teachers and school administrators often ask themselves, “What Music Scheme Of Work should I choose?” when planning their curriculum. Three prominent music schemes—Charanga, Out Of The Ark Music, and Jolly Music—offer varied approaches to incorporating music into schools. Let’s explore each of these in greater detail to help answer that pivotal question.

So which music scheme of work should you choose?

Charanga: The Digital Maestro

When considering “What Music Scheme Of Work should I choose?” Charanga offers a compelling digital solution. It is a versatile, digital platform for music education that resonates with technological advancements in the classroom. Here’s an in-depth look at what it offers:

Comprehensive Musical Coverage: Charanga’s platform covers a wide array of musical genres and instructional materials, making it a contender for schools pondering over “What Music Scheme Of Work should I choose?” for comprehensive musical education.

Interactive Technology: Charanga’s interactive features, such as the Scheme builder, let educators create customized lesson plans, making the platform an attractive option for schools that value technological integration.

User Experience: Charanga receives high marks for user experience, with testimonials frequently mentioning its user-friendly interface. The interactive lessons are praised for their ability to captivate student attention and integrate seamlessly into the existing curriculum.

Professional Development: Charanga supports teachers with CPD opportunities, ensuring that the platform is not just a service but also a learning experience for educators.

Out Of The Ark Music: The Vocal Harmony

In the debate of “What Music Scheme Of Work should I choose?” Out Of The Ark Music presents a strong case for schools that emphasize vocal music. Known for its ease of use and engaging material, it is a cherished resource for many.

Diverse Song Library: The platform’s extensive library, which is updated weekly, ensures that singing is a dynamic and engaging activity, addressing various educational themes.

Performance Resources: For schools that prioritize performances, Out Of The Ark provides an abundance of resources, including backing tracks and scripts, making it a key consideration in the “What Music Scheme Of Work should I choose?” conversation.

Accessibility: The straightforward process of downloading MP3s and sheet music from Out Of The Ark Music makes it a practical choice for educators looking to implement a singing routine with minimal fuss.

Integration with Curriculum: The platform’s resources can be woven into daily routines and across the curriculum, offering a flexible tool for educators.

Jolly Music: The Traditional Conductor

For those wondering “What Music Scheme Of Work should I choose?” and leaning towards a traditional, structured approach, Jolly Music is an ideal candidate. Based on the Kodály method, it offers a systematic progression in music education, especially for younger learners.

Foundational Approach: Jolly Music lays a solid musical foundation, moving from simple to complex concepts, which is critical for young children’s development.

Kodály Methodology: The use of the Kodály method means that learning is rooted in singing and games, aligning with the playful nature of early education.

Inclusiveness: Jolly Music is designed for all abilities, ensuring that every child can participate and benefit from the program.

Award-Winning Program: The numerous awards Jolly Music has received underscore its effectiveness and can reassure schools in their “What Music Scheme Of Work should I choose?” decision-making process.

Personalization through Schools Music Market

When “What Music Scheme Of Work should I choose?” remains an open question, Schools Music Market offers a solution. This online marketplace provides a range of music teaching resources that align with the Model Music Curriculum, allowing for complete customization.

Curating Your Curriculum: Educators can mix and match varied resources to fit the unique needs of their students and the goals of their music program.

Flexibility and Community Support: The platform serves as a collaborative space for educators to share best practices, enhancing the teaching experience.

Integration and Adaptability: Resources from Schools Music Market can often be integrated with other subjects, providing a holistic learning approach.


“What Music Scheme Of Work should I choose?” is a question with multiple answers, each tailored to the unique needs of a school. Charanga, Out Of The Ark, and Jolly Music, along with the customization potential offered by Schools Music Market, provide a spectrum of choices. The future of music education looks not just sound, but vibrant and diverse with these options.

As educators weigh their choices, integrating these schemes into their music education offerings, they can be assured of inspiring the next generation of musicians and music lovers. The right scheme turns educational objectives into a symphony of learning experiences, echoing through the halls with the joy of music.

Final Thoughts

In reviewing these schemes, educators are equipped with the information to make an informed decision in the “What Music Scheme Of Work should I choose?” debate. Charanga suits schools with a strong digital infrastructure, Out Of The Ark Music benefits vocal-centric programs, and Jolly Music is ideal for foundational, age-appropriate musical education. Each school’s unique culture, resources, and student needs will guide them to the music scheme that best orchestrates their educational goals.

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