Unlock the world of music symbols with our captivating Color by Note Worksheet Set #1. This free digital download features 38 engaging coloring sheets designed to make learning music symbols a fun and memorable experience. Ideal for music teachers, parents, and independent learners, these worksheets are perfect for classroom activities, homework assignments, or independent work.


Key Features:

  1. Variety of Music Symbols: Our worksheet set includes a comprehensive range of music symbols, such as the quarter note, quarter rest, single eighth note, eighth note pair, half note, half rest, whole note, whole rest, and the treble clef. This ensures students have a well-rounded understanding of music notation.
  2. Color-Coded Instructions: Each worksheet provides clear instructions such as “Color the quarter note blue,” guiding students to identify and locate specific music symbols within the coloring sheet. By associating colors with symbols, students reinforce their knowledge of music notation while unleashing their creativity.
  3. Skill-Level Differentiation: Our worksheet set offers three levels of difficulty – easy, medium, and difficult. This allows educators and parents to cater to the individual needs and abilities of students, ensuring an optimal learning experience for everyone.
  4. Versatile Usage: Whether you need a substitute teacher activity, homework assignment, or independent work, these coloring sheets provide a flexible solution. Students can enjoy the benefits of learning music symbols at their own pace and in various settings.


  1. Promotes Learning and Retention: By actively searching for and coloring specific music symbols, students strengthen their recognition and recall abilities. This engaging activity reinforces the names and shapes of the symbols, making learning music notation more enjoyable and memorable.
  2. Encourages Creativity: Coloring has been proven to stimulate creativity and promote relaxation. Our worksheet set combines the joy of coloring with the educational aspect of music notation, allowing students to express themselves artistically while mastering key concepts.
  3. Supports Independent Learning: Whether used in the classroom or at home, these worksheets empower students to take ownership of their learning. They can work independently, building their confidence and fostering a sense of accomplishment.


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